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The Best BioDental Clinic in Mexico

Since 1998 we have offered Holistic Dentistry Services to over 30K patients from all over the world. Over the past 20+ years, our patients have inspired our commitment to diversify our field of expertise to include a broader array of Holistic Care options.

As a result, we have expanded our facilities and now offer a more complete patient experience by combining: Biological Dentistry, Holistic Medicine, Beauty Med-Spa and, Corrective Chiropractics. All in one beautiful location!

Here you will find cutting-edge technology, provided by the most caring, bilingual, and highly qualified professionals in the field. 

Our priority is to take care of every detail of your visit by giving you and your loved ones the absolute Best Biodental Care possible.

At American Biodental Center your wellness is our goal!

Get top quality holistic dentistry at affordable prices

Our prices are approximately 1/3 the cost of treatment of conventional dentistry in the United States. We keep quality high and prices low.

We use the most effective systems for holistic dentistry​

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Patients from all around the world

What our patients say...

Holistic means interconnection of a whole, and we mean it!

Holistic dental clinic that offers cutting-edge procedures to ensure bio-safety and therapeutic efficacy. We follow the Huggin´s Protocol.

World renowned Dr. Bergman, developed a unique approach that has been proven to be effective even with the most challenging cases.

Our medical clinic combines the best of conventional and alternative medicine. We have stem cell treatment and more