In-House Dental Laboratory

Several years ago, our dental office in Tijuana opened up its own dental laboratory. The purpose of this move was two-fold:

Quality control – having our laboratory on site in Tijuana, Mexico provides better control and communications between our Tijuana dentists, our patients and our lab technicians for each and every case that is fabricated. Modifications in colors and shades, contours and shapes of our crowns and bridgework can be easily corrected, when needed, while our patients are still in the dental chair. Our laboratory takes pride in providing a quality product for all our patients.

Selecting our own laboratory materials – I’ve seen over the last 10 years just how important it is to use compatible, dental materials in our patient’s mouths. Although this may not be a major concern for most dentists and dental laboratories in this country at this time; as a biological dentist at Tijuana, We are absolutely convinced that choices in materials, especially the metal alloys, is crucial to our patient’s long term health and wellness.