How is a holistic extraction different at American Bio Dental?

The outstanding difference in a tooth extraction lies in the education of removing surrounding diseased tissues, if left intact, it will only slow or inhibit total healing. Tooth extractions are necessary to remove non-restorable or infected teeth from the oral cavity. It is important to know about the periodontal ligament that experiences destruction from periodontal abscesses, as well as the supporting bone structure..

The ideal purpose of the holistic extraction is to minimize a chance of bone cavitations. These empty areas within the jaw bone can harbor bacteria and interfer with your body’s meridian system, disrupting the flow of energy. Unresolved infections lead to chronic degenerative diseases throughout the body, depressing the immune system. This is why a holistic extraction is important.

A Holistic Extraction at American Bio Dental your Dentist in Tijuana

Before surgery, you will be provided local anesthetic to ensure your total comfort. Your emotional and physical well-being is our first priority, we offer Acute Rescue to aid with anxiety. During the extraction procedure, our doctors will remove all diseased tissues along with the non-restorable tooth. Post operative images may be required to ensure complete removal. The intensity of a tooth extraction is unpredictable; mentorships, education, and experiences guide to our dentists in Tijuana in the oral surgery process to ensure the patient is properly cared for.