Metal free fillings, also called composite resin fillings, are tooth colored and bio-compatible. A traditional black amalgam filling is usually composed of mercury (a known poison) and silver (a toxic heavy metal), combined with other “junk” metals. These emit electrical currents that may adversely affect your health and often times, decay has developed under these metal fillings.


The first step is to remove the decayed portion of the tooth or prior metal filling. The tooth is then etched with a gel and a bonding agent is applied. This will allow the composite resin to adhere to the prepared tooth. The resin is then placed in the tooth layer-by-layer, cured, trimmed and polished, leaving you with a beautifully sculpted, natural-looking restoration. Also, the composite resin that we use is free from Bisphenol A (BPA)and any metals since some of the composites used by dentist have aluminum, nickel and other metals

Composite Restoration Durability

Composite resins are cosmetically pleasing and when placed correctly are comfortable and long lasting. We have many patients from US and Canada that can attest to the durability of their composite fillings. Composite fillings many times outlast their metal counterparts and strengthen the tooth. We see patients who have composite fillings that were placed more than a decade ago. You too can experience the quality of our composite restorations!

Did you know?

There are 1,000mg of mercury in the average “silver” filling. This is about 1 million times more mercury than in a seafood. Our patients are surprised by the amount of pollutants they had in the body with mercury amalgams.