Mercury Removal

Below is our office Mercury Removal Protocol. Ionizers Eye protection from debris and liquid splatter. Latex-Free dental dam to guard mucosa from direct contact with mercury. Copious amounts of water and high volume suction. Room air purifier. Rita Meter to measure the electrical current of the filling, Oxigen trough nasal canula , Vitamin C by […]

Cerec – Holistic Restorations

Complete Holistic Dentistry 3D imagery and CAD/CAM technology are used to create the restorations which are milled out of blocks to create tooth-coloured restorations. Crowns, veneers, onlays and inlays can be prepared, using different types of ceramic materials to restore teeth to their natural aesthetics and function. No different in cost, but a big difference […]

Dental cavitations

Dental Cavitation Surgery The decision to pull a tooth is a very permanent one. It requires active participation by the patient, the holistic practitioner, and the biological dentist. If tooth extraction (or surgery of a former extraction site) is deemed necessary, individuals greatly enhance their chances of a positive outcome by adhering closely to pre- […]

Root Canals Contain Toxic Bacteria

New DNA study confirms decades old research that root canals contain toxic bacteria that may be the “root” cause of many diseases. Executive Summary:Root canals have become ubiquitous — almost 60 million are performed each year. “You need a root canal” is now almost as common as hearing you need a filling. And, it is […]

Incidence Levels and Chronic Health Effects Related to Cavitations

What are Cavitations? A cavitation refers to a toxin-containing hole in the jawbone, often at the site of a previously extracted tooth. Cavitations have many scientific names such as ischemic osteonecrosis, chronic non-superative osteomyelitis, and neuralgia inducing cavitational osteonecrosis (NICO). This is not so much an infection in the bone, as a necrosis or gangrene […]