Finding the best Biodental Care Treatments in Tijuana

What is the “Biodental” Difference?

Your teeth are a significant and important part of your body. While we all realize this, there are still a majority of dentists out there who view teeth and dentistry as just another “job”.

Biodental care offered at American Biodental Center in Tijuana works differently.

American Biodental Center believes that having poor oral health can also lead to poor overall health. Either in the short term or long term.

Why Biodental Care vs Regular Dentistry?

We recommend choosing American Biodental Center in Tijuana for the following reasons:


Tijuana is the capital of medical tourism in Mexico and is an ideal location due to its proximity to the border of San Diego, California. To offer the best care possible to our American patients, we offer free shuttle service back and forth over the border and have bilingual drivers, staff, and medical practitioners in our clinic.


We provide first-class accommodations, high-tech equipment, and most importantly a professional caring staff that cares about your overall health and how your oral health affects your well being.


Since we are located in Tijuana, our prices are 1/3 of the prices you would pay for equivalent Biodental care in the United States and Canada.

Holistic approach using Huggins Protocol:

American Biodental Center in Tijuana is the only clinic in Tijuana that is 100% holistic. Due to our commitment to your health and the adoption of Huggin’s protocols.

We DO NOT offer root canals or implants. We will however treat cavitations, provide ozone, vitamin c, and plasma. In addition, we 100% are metal-free.

Care for our patients:

Last but not least, American Biodental Center in Tijuana cares about YOU. We do not see you as “just another patient”, we seek to address the root of all issues without compromising the integrity of your teeth or your health by simply masking symptoms. At American Biodental Center in Tijuana, your needs will be heard and prioritized.

What to expect on your first visit with biodental care?

At American Biodental Center in Tijuana, your appointment will be different from other dental appointments you have experienced in the past. 

  • We’ll start by doing a general check-up and evaluation of your mouth in order to provide you with your personalized and biocompatible treatment options. 
  • In addition, you will be greeted with a friendly and caring team that is eager to provide you with the best in first-class affordable treatments and services.
  • And that’s not all, we have expanded our facilities to offer a more comprehensive patient experience by combining: Biological Dentistry, Holistic Medicine, Beauty & Med-Spa Services and, Corrective Chiropractic Care. All in ONE beautiful convenient location!

Now that you have a better understanding of what to expect from our American Biodental Center in Tijuana, it’s time to take care of you! 

Please get in touch with us to schedule your complimentary assessment today:

Toll-Free U.S 1 (877) 207 0824

Phone (619) 819 9330



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