Holistic tooth extraction process

There is nothing better than having our own natural teeth; however, there are some occasions when a tooth is damaged. It is necessary to do something to eliminate the bacteria from that tooth. A conventional dentist would probably suggest a root canal treatment; however, we do not recommend it due to its side effects. At […]

Biodental Care in Tijuana

What is the “Biodental” Difference? Your teeth are a significant and important part of your body. While we all realize this, there are still a majority of dentists out there who view teeth and dentistry as just another “job”. Biodental care offered at American Biodental Center in Tijuana works differently. American Biodental Center believes that […]

Are holistic dentists legit?

Holistic dentistry addresses not only the safest practices for the health and preservation of your teeth and gums, it focuses on how your oral health affects and supports your general health. Whereas a conventional dentist

What is the Huggins Protocol?

This is a protocol that we follow to ensure the well-being of all of our patients, and we’ve been doing it for 20 years. This protocol was created by Dr. Hal Alan Huggins, an American alternative dentist activist against dental amalgam fillings and other unsafe dental therapies.

Ozone therapy in dentistry

American Bio Dental Center, your dentist in Tijuana, Mexico, provides ozone therapy during dental procedures to minimize post-operative sensitivities and improve the success of dental restorations.