Exploring Holistic Dentist Tijuana: Your Guide to BioDental Care

In the bustling city of Tijuana, a revolution in dental care is unfolding. Embrace what a holistic dentist Tijuana can do for you.  Holistic dentistry, an approach that harmonizes oral health with overall well-being, is gaining traction.  At the forefront of this movement is Holistic Dentist Tijuana, a term that is not just a buzzword […]

Holistic tooth extraction process

There is nothing better than having our own natural teeth; however, there are some occasions when a tooth is damaged. It is necessary to do something to eliminate the bacteria from that tooth. A conventional dentist would probably suggest a root canal treatment; however, we do not recommend it due to its side effects. At […]

What makes a good holistic dentist?

Holistic dentistry addresses not only the safest practices for the health and preservation of your teeth and gums, it focuses on how your oral health affects and supports your general health. Whereas a conventional dentist