Holistic tooth extraction process

Holistic tooth extraction process

There is nothing better than having our own natural teeth; however, there are some occasions when a tooth is damaged. It is necessary to do something to eliminate the bacteria from that tooth.

A conventional dentist would probably suggest a root canal treatment; however, we do not recommend it due to its side effects. At American Biodental Center, the alternative to a root canal is an extraction, we rely on the Huggin’s protocol, which is a system that incorporates multiple safety factors.

Within the Huggings protocol, we find the correct way to perform an extraction step by step, from evaluating, diagnosing, removing the tooth and cavitation to applying ozone and plasma (PRP).

Here we tell you how we perform this procedure.

Holistic extraction step-by-step

  • Starting with the evaluation, the first and most crucial stage of all. We begin with a panoramic DIGITAL X-ray (which has a much lower exposure to radiation than a traditional plaque); these studies will allow us to see in detail the conditions of the teeth.
  • Before the procedure, the dental team wears a surgical suit. This personal protective equipment consists of wearing protective clothing, gloves, goggles, and protective articles for the mouth and face during dental treatments, all of which are essential when performing activities with a high risk of infection.
  • Starting the treatment, the dentist will apply anesthesia and then make delicate movements around the tooth with a special tool to help loosen the tooth. After this, the dentist will take a forcep and extract the tooth.
  • When the tooth is out, the dentist will perform the cavitation; cavitation is cleaning the socket and ligament, using a slow speed drill with a no. 8 burr rinse saline solution to avoid heating the bone.
  • After the cavitation, ozone is applied in the form of gas, which works as a disinfectant eliminating anaerobic bacteria.
  • At the end of this process, plasma fibrin (PRP) is applied. This is obtained from a draw taken before starting the extraction procedure, which will help us with the healing process, reducing inflammation and post-operative discomfort. In the same way, the application of intravenous vitamin C is given throughout the process.
  • One of the benefits of applying Vitamin C during the dental procedure is that it strengthens the immune system and helps with the healing process by supporting the tissues.
  • To finish this process, absorbable sutures are used, which within 15 to 20 days will begin to be absorbed (the absorption time varies depending on the pH of the patient’s saliva).

What happens after an extraction?

You will be given a temporary partial denture to replace the missing teeth to finish this surgical procedure. We suggest that it be used 24 hours a day for the first three days without removing it (using this 24/3 insert helps us keep the sutures secure and control the inflammatory process). Once the three days have elapsed, we recommend removing the partial after each meal to be washed and can keep the sutures clean.

The healing period takes about four months. After this time, we can grant you a permanent partial denture or a permanent bridge (depending on your case).

Why choose American Biodental for a holistic extraction?

One of the many benefits of choosing us is our own dental laboratory, which reduces production times for our jobs such as crowns, inlays, onlays, temporary and permanent removable bridges, avoiding leaving the clinic without a tooth replacement.

Being the patient’s health is our priority, one of our recommendations beforehand is to have a biocompatibility test that allows us to know which materials are least reactive with your system.

How much does a holistic tooth extraction cost?

Taking into consideration that our prices can only be compared with holistic dentistry, the total cost of extraction with cavitation within the US can reach up to 1,500 USD; the total price in our clinic would be approx 600 USD including, extraction, cavitation, plasma (PRP), ozone, vitamin C, and finally your temporary partial. We try to maintain high quality at low prices. Because for us, your health is our priority.


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