Metal-free crowns

As you age, your teeth also change and become more prone to decay. There are many possible reasons for this including bruxism (teeth grinding), decay over time, cracked fillings and many more.

If your tooth is found to be beyond repair with a composite or inlay, we may recommend that the best viable option to save the tooth is a full crown.

A dental crown is a full-coverage restoration that is made out of ceramic. To create the best results that will last for years, it is important to prep the tooth by trimming down the tooth structure to make room for the ceramic crown so that when you are fit with your permanent crown, it fits and looks just like the original size, shape and color of your tooth (or new color of your preference).

Why might you need a dental crown?

If you have a significant filling or inlay that shows gaps between the filling and the tooth, or if portions of the tooth are beginning to break off, that would be an indicator of the need for a crown. A crown ensures the protection of the natural tooth structure that still remains.

If a portion of one of your teeth breaks off by accidentally biting on something too hard, this would be another indicator that it’s time for a crown

The main reasons for recommending crown restorations are that dental crowns are durable: provide chewing and functional support, while also being aesthetically pleasing by maintaining the cosmetic appearance of a healthy tooth.

What is the process of placing a crown?

The procedure begins with the removal of all decay and metals from your compromised tooth. An impression of your tooth is then taken, which is sent to our on-site lab, where your new restoration will be crafted. While the crown is being prepared, we will prepare your tooth and provide you with a temporary crown so that you can continue on with your daily life without worrying about a missing or exposed tooth.

During your second visit, we will seat or cement-in your permanent crown.

At American Biodental Center, we provide ceramic metal-free crowns. You can rest assured knowing that your new tooth, made with biocompatible materials, will be virtually unnoticeable while also flawlessly complementing the rest of your smile.


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