We keep
quality HIGH
& prices low


  • Comprehensive oral exam No charge
  • Digital panoramic X-ray $35
  • Bite wing X-ray $12
  • 3D X-ray - one section $35
  • 3D X-ray - upper arch $80
  • 3D X-ray - lower arch $80
  • Teeth cleaning & polishing $35
  • Deep teeth cleaning & scaling $75

    Per quadrant

  • Periodontal scaling & root planning $375

    Per quadrant

  • Cavity repair - bio compatible composite $75
  • Composite filling repair $80
  • Small amalgam removal $100

    Composite replacement (per tooth)

  • Inlay - new $350
  • Inlay - with removal of old filling $400
  • Onlay - new $400
  • Onlay - with removal of old filling $450
  • Bonding $180

    Tooth reconstruction with bio compatible material

  • Heavy metals test (hair analysis) $69
  • Veneer $500
  • Crown - porcelain (permanent) $550
  • Crown - temporary $250
  • Bridge - porcelain (permanent) $550

    Per unit

  • Dentures - full arch (final) $500
  • Dentures - full arch (temporary) $200
  • Dentures -partial (final) Range $350/500

    Composite replacement (per tooth)

  • Denture - partial (temporary) Range $100/200
  • Extraction with cavitation $200
  • Extraction with specialist Subject to consultation

    Maxilofacial - Periodontal

  • Cavitation $180

    Infected tissue, bone and ligament clean up

  • Tattoo removal subject to consultation

    Surgical removal of amalgam tattoo

  • Intravenous vitamin C $100

    High dosage

  • Sedation - conscious w/ anesthesiologist $200

    First hour

  • Sedation - conscious w/ anesthesiologist $150

    Each following hour

  • Bitesplit $300

*Prices are shown in U. S. dollars. Prices are subject to change.


Cash & Credit/Debit Cards
Patients are required to pay for work done during their appointments. We accept either cash or credit/debit as long as they are Visa or Mastercard. Unfortunately, we do not accept personal checks, American Express or Discovery at this moment. CareCredit is also not accepted as it cannot be used outside the U.S.

Most PPO insurances will cover the work being done at our facility but our patients will need to submit the claim. Patients will still be required to pay their bill at American BioDental but we will help with the claim so the patient can send it to their PPO and be reimbursed directly. How much they are reimbursed and what is covered depends entirely on the patients PPO provider and plan. We will do our best to make sure you get the best reimbursement!

Deferred Treatment Plan

Deferred Treatment is done as you can afford it, taking care of the most urgent needs first and scheduling the rest of your treatment over a longer period of time. This way your work can be done, and still be within your financial framework.Plan