Root Canal: 6 reasons why you should avoid them at all cost

Many people have had questions about root canal in recent years. 

After the “Root Cause” documentary came to light in 2018, major debate sparked.

This documentary claims that many symptoms and illnesses can originate from root canal treatment. 

Additionally, less than a month after release, Netflix decided to remove the documentary from its platform, following Amazon and many other streaming companies. 

Due to the rapid cancellation of the documental, both viewers and the medical community had to choose one of the following two stances:

1- Evidence of a root canal linked to degenerative diseases  strongly exists.

2- Root canal remains a safe treatment to perform. 

American Biodental Center has always been committed to your overall well-being. 

That’s why we have chosen not to support root canal treatments, as emerging research suggests a potential link between such treatments and degenerative diseases. 

Our approach prioritizes your health and seeks alternative solutions to ensure your vitality.

This blog will focus entirely on explaining thoroughly the many risks associated with root canal and what alternative treatments we put to your service. 

What is Root Canal therapy?

The root canal procedure is performed to save a tooth that has infected or damaged nerves

During the procedure, the dentist “removes” the infected or damaged tissue from the tooth’s root canal.

To prevent further infection and save the tooth.

Why is Root Canal therapy dangerous?

Teeth are similar to other organ systems in your body in that they also require a blood supply, lymphatic and venous drainage, and nervous innervations. 

Root canals, however, are dead teeth, and these dead teeth typically become one of the main sources of chronic bacterial toxicity in your body.

If your kidney, liver or any other organ in your body dies, it will have to be removed so that bacteria and necrosis will not set in and kill you … but teeth are commonly left dead in your body.

What diseases can Root Canal cause?

In the first place, chronic degenerative diseases can originate from root filled teeth.

Coming in second place, diseases related to those of the joints, arthritis and rheumatism.

In third place — but almost tied for second — were diseases of the brain and nervous system.

When dentists perform a root canal, they remove the nerve from the main canals.

However, they do not have access to the microscopic side canals, which have dead nerves left behind in those spaces.

Anaerobic bacteria, which do not require oxygen to survive, thrive in these side canals and excrete toxicity from digesting necrotic tissue that leads to chronic infection. 

Blood supply and lymphatics that surround those dead teeth drains this toxicity and allows it to spread throughout your body.

This toxicity will invade all organ systems and can lead to a plethora of diseases such as:

  • Autoimmune diseases.
  • Cancers.
  • Musculoskeletal diseases.
  • Irritable bowel diseases.
  • Depression, to name just a few.

Therefore, antibiotics are ineffective because the bacteria inside the dead tooth are protected.

It appears that the longer root canal-treated teeth stay in your body, the more your immune system becomes compromised.

What is the “focal infection” theory?

This theory states that germs from a central focal infection such as:

  • Teeth.
  • Teeth roots.
  • Inflamed gum tissues.

Metastasize to:

  • Hearts.
  • Eyes.
  • Lungs.
  • Kidneys.
  • Other organs, glands and tissues.

Establishing new areas of the same infection.

Today, both patients and physicians “rest reassured” thinking that infections are less serious because we now have antibiotics. 

What alternative treatments are offered against Root Canal?

Just pulling the tooth is not enough when removal proves necessary. 

You can find bacteria in the tissues and bone just adjacent to the tooth’s root. 

At American Biodental Center, we have been advocates of the Hal Huggins Protocol for more than 20 years. 

When mercury or toxic root-canal-treated teeth are removed, this protocol supports the patient’s ability to detoxify and heal completely. 

The protocol includes preventing the patient from absorbing toxins during the procedure.

Hence, supporting their ability to eliminate metals, bacteria and other toxins both before and after their visit with us. 

Where can I find a Huggins Protocol Dentist in Tijuana?  

Dentist that are:

  • In continuous education.
  • Open to alternative medicine.
  • Willing to explore toxin-free forms of dentistry.

There’s a good chance he or she is aware of the risks of — and alternatives to — root canals. 

A biological dentist will be able to provide you with a more comprehensive, holistic solution for your teeth that will not harm your health.

Knowledgeable biological dentists can be hard to come by.

At American Biodental Center, we take pride in offering holistic dentistry and have certified biological dentists ready to support you. 


In conclusion, at American Biodental Center, your health is our utmost priority. 

We’ve shed light on the potential risks associated with root canal treatments and their suspected link to degenerative diseases. 

Our commitment to your well-being drives us to explore alternative treatments, such as the renowned Hal Huggins Protocol. 

This protocol, performed by our experienced biological dentists, reflects our dedication to providing safe and effective options that align with holistic principles. 

Your journey towards improved health and vitality starts with us – where your care is truly comprehensive and individualized.


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