American Biodental Center is the Best Holistic Dentist in Mexico

Since 1998 we have offered Holistic Dentistry Services to over thirty thousand patients from all over the world.


Founder and CEO

Italian migrant from Argentina, now established in Mexico, gained experience in the medical field in the late 80’s working as a medical manager in different clinics in Los Angeles, CA. After several years of experience in the medical field, he decided to open a dental clinic.

After one year, trying to offer the best options available, the research brought him to work and create an alliance with Dr. Hal Huggins, creating the first BioDental clinic in Mexico.

From 1999 and until Dr. Huggins passing in 2014, the alliance had been closely maintained, and his philosophy remains and is still alive in our everyday work, with a staff focused on quality, and fully trained by Dr. Huggins himself, in Colorado.

Alessandro Porcella

In 2014, after fifteen years of experience in the dental field, Alessandro Porcella expanded the clinic to integrate other health services, creating Holistic Care, integrating therapies in the medical holistic field, and pioneering in ozone and plasma therapies.

Most recently in 2019 he created another crucial alliance with Bergman Family Chiropractic. All together, American BioDental, Holistic Care, and Bergman Family Chiropractic Mexico have received more than 30k patients from all over the world, offering one of the most complete and comprehensive holistic and alternative solutions.

Our Mission

is to provide the highest quality care within a compassionate and dignifying care environment that enhances body, mind and spirit through a multidisciplinary team that focuses on the root of the health problems to promote the self-healing capacities intrinsic to each human being.

Our core Values


Something can change. This is not your conventional medical care, we do things differently, you can expect results to be different.


We love different. You can expect to receive our warm human care every time. We respect different ideas, interests, and cultural backgrounds.


We are constantly challenging the status quo and finding new ways to provide you with the best care possible.


We are proud of what we do. We are honest, ethical, and fair with all the people and we accomplish our work in a way that always makes us proud.


We love what we do, and it is to take care of your health. Seeing the path of recovery of our patients is what motivates us every day.

In 1999, looking to offer the best in dental treatments, Alessandro Porcella built a very important alliance that defined and helped us trace a way in what we do.

Hal Huggins trained our team in Colorado, more than 20 years later we still follow his philosophy in our everyday work and we continue training our staff under his philosophy.

We built and integrated a system that incorporates multiple safety factors to enhance immune recovery, we offer to our clients cutting edge regenerative medicine methodologies to ensure bio-safety and therapeutic efficacy.

Dr Hal Huggins and Alessandro Porcella

With our training and experience in holistic dentistry and wellness, we have the skills and techniques to help our patients improve their health with non-toxic and bio-compatible materials, helping them achieve optimal health.

The staff provides a friendly and relaxing environment so that our patients feel at home and part of our family. Every doctor and dentist is chosen not only for the quality of their work but more importantly for their positive attitude.

Our team will not only help you get a natural smile, but also, will be able to provide you a complete health oriented service.


Cutting edge

With the best 3D X-Rays in the market we can see every angle of teeth and bone to provide you with high precision therapies.

Sirona technology allows us to offer more accurate and fast solutions, thanks to the high-quality live images of your mouth.

Cutting edge technology, combined with human warmth, has maintained us as the best choice for biological dentistry for 20+ years.