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The Huggins Protocol

American Bio Dental is an alliance member of the Huggins Protocol, an integrated system that incorporates multiple safety factors to enhance immune recovery.

Huggins applied healing is devoted to providing education and alternatives to dental materials and practices that may be connected to a variety of health issues.

It has indeed been proven that many of our chronic health problems have been caused by damage from dental fillings (mercury based fillings), root canals, diet and environmental toxins. The damage from these toxins has a tendency to push our immune systems over the edge

The American Bio Dental Center your dentist in Tijuana, will complete the physical removal of mercury restorations in your mouth and instruct this mercury detox regimen in our dental office in Tijuana.


Educating yourself about toxicity and related dental practices will help you understand why it is important to take care of your overall health and common dental procedures. You may want to educate yourself on dental toxicity by reading some of these recommended books.

A partial list includes:

  1. It’s All in Your Head, by Hal Huggins DDS, MS
  2. Solving the Mystery, by Hal Huggins DDS, MA
  3. Uninformed Consent, by Hal Huggins DDS, MA and Thomas Levy MD, JD
  4. Root Canals: Savior or Suicide? By Hal Huggins, DDS MS
  5. Root Canal Cover-up, by George E. Meining DDS, FACD, FICDMercury vapor emitted from amalgam dental fillings passes readily through your cell membranes.
  6. Mercury leaches into the saliva and travels down our digestive tract.

Once you have gained a better understanding of harmful potentials of dental materials, you can make educated decisions about your health and your choice of dentistry. Prior to being treated at American Bio Clinic, we recommend the following testing modalities:


There are some basic blood tests that are required in order to have a guideline for balancing the body chemistry in your body. These tests include the blood chemistry profile, the CBC (Complete Blood Count), and a hair analysis.

Biocompatibility Testing determines what dental replacement materials will not upset your immune system any more than necessary. The only material that is perfectly compatible with your immune system is your own tooth. However, there are other materials that we use that are safe. We can determine what materials would be best for you by a blood sample that you provide.


Hair analysis is another diagnostic tool to evaluate the patient’s body chemistry. Although we don’t feel any pain when we get our hair cut, hair is a living tissue.
Through the hair analysis we can determine the amount of
metals that are in the body. For instance, we can determine how much nickel, aluminum, arsenic, lead mercury, and copper you have in your body. This also helps us to determine what materials to use in your mouth.
Once you have completed the blood and hair analysis, we suggest:


This is where American Bio Clinic doctors look for and chart decayed, missing and filled teeth. This procedure is considered a hard-tissue exam. There is also a soft tissue exam that includes evaluating the gums, depths of periodontal pockets, hard and soft palate, neck, jaw joint, and bite. Once the examination is complete, we provide X-rays, as they are helpful in finding retained root tips, impacted teeth, new decay, abscessed teeth, and sometimes cavitations can be seen.


Because many metals are released directly into the mouth from the fillings and are immediately absorbed into the cheeks, under the tongue and into your blood stream, we recommend the removal of these metals. These metals include mercury, nickel, aluminum, zinc, beryllium, etc. The higher the electrical currents on the filling or appliance, the faster the metals are being released into the body. Tests have proven that when these highly negative charged fillings are removed, it shows improvements in symptoms and blood chemistry.
Usually, the removal of all fillings, crowns, root canals and cavitations can be done in one sitting.


The rubber dam is used to protect the patient when the removal of these metals are being performed.
The rubber dam is like a tooth raincoat, and prevents the mercury from being sprayed throughout the mouth. Especially sprayed onto to the cheeks, where there is the highest absorption.


We provide intravenous Vitamin C for patients during dental revision procedures.  Because Vitamin C increases the action of the cell membrane, which encourages each cell to selectively bring in what it requires, and push out the manufactured proteins and waste products. This increases efficiency of cellular metabolism. Vitamin C is one of the better chemicals our body can utilize to detoxify materials from dead and root canal teeth. Taking the Vit C intravenously is very important. If you take Vit C orally, the day of dental revision, the effects of the anesthetic will be reduced dramatically and you could feel pain. Local anesthetic will wear off in 5 to 10 minutes and you may no longer be numb. However, you can take 25 to 50 grams of Vit C intravenously, and it has no effect on the anesthetic.


Nutritional needs are based on your blood chemistries, not on your blood type. The conventional “blood chemistry profile” can tell a great deal about one’s health.
We recommend that you determine your nutritional needs based on your profile and contact a certified nutritionist to support you in finding those foods that feed your system.


Besides reducing tension and feeling relaxed after a massage, massage has been shown to enhance the ability of the white blood cells to carry on their duty of removing debris and aging cells. After the protocol is administered, there is an acceleration of ridding the body of aged cells, especially red blood cells. Improved immune activity has been shown, and red blood cells contaminated with mercury exit the blood stream in far greater amounts than they can be replaced. Ionic calcium in the blood is needed for initial healing after cleaning out cavitations, removing dead or root canal teeth. Many calcium supplements provide a non-biological form of calcium. Massage stimulates the fast release of ionic calcium for healing and is recommended after surgery.


Once the source of toxicity (harmful dental materials) is removed, and appropriate chemically nutrition is established, detoxification can begin. There are two types of detoxification: chemical and non-chemical. Non-chemical detoxification usually involves heat, as used in saunas or baths. Chemical detoxification involves chelating agents – which are chemicals that bind to the unwanted toxin and assist in removing it from the body.
Rapid or even brisk detoxification can create a downward spiral and exaggerated return of original symptoms. It is important to detoxify the body slowly and carefully. Detoxification procedures release far more than the body can excrete. Therefore, the goal is to eliminate the toxins, not re-distribute them. In addition to chelating treatments, you may want to look into getting a series of colonics to remove toxins that may accumulate in the colon.


When determining a treatment plan, speak to your dentist to determine whether you would prefer to have composites, gold fixed bridges or removable ones, conscious sedation or local anesthetic. You may also want to discuss the financial plan that will work best for you.

At American Bio Dental, our goal is to make your dental experience as comfortable and as seamless as possible, which will allow you to improve your overall health without hesitations.


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