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You may be wondering what cosmetic dentistry has to do with holistic dentistry. But on further evaluation, cosmetic dentistry has everything to do with holism. It’s well known that smiling is one of the most profound health promoting activities available. Smiling causes your body to release all kinds of feel good hormones and neurotransmitters. Smiling on a regular basis is your best defense against depression, anxiety and apathy. Sadly, many people never smile in public because they are ashamed of their teeth. Can you imagine not smiling from embarrassment? If so, cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana may be your holistic wellness solution..

Cosmetic Dentistry a Good Alternative For Your Health

Do you dream of a great smile? Straight, proportionate, white teeth that look and feel perfectly natural? You can stop dreaming. With cosmetic dentistry, the possibilities are endless. Metal fillings can be made naturally white. Chipped or worn teeth can be made smooth with integrity again. Gapped or twisted teeth can be transformed into a straight and even smile—without braces. Even short, dark and broken teeth can become a perfect smile. It’s possible. And it’s what you’ve always wanted..

The Natural Subtlety of Cosmetic Dentistry

Our team of dentists in Tijuana work directly with each patient to design a smile in perfect proportion to your natural facial structure, using a series of sophisticated facial measurements to ensure a natural appearance.The selected teeth undergo a simple preparation, and natural looking temporaries are placed so that your teeth look and feel normal. At the next visit, the resin temporaries are replaced with life-like porcelain restorations, bonded to the natural tooth structure. The entire process usually takes no more than two to three visits. Your new smile is gorgeous, and you feel incredible!


Porcelain onlays are the perfect alternative to large fillings and crowns. Most of the time, a porcelain onlay can be used to replace cavities or amalgam fillings that affect more than 25% of the tooth and/or damages one of the walls of the tooth. When a tooth is cracked or has become damaged by decay, trauma or an existing amalgam filling; very often a porcelain onlay is a great treatment option. Unlike a dental crown that requires more removal of tooth for fit, a porcelain onlay is a very conservative procedure … saving precious enamel.


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