What is the Huggins Protocol?

This is a protocol that we follow to ensure the well-being of all of our patients, and we’ve been doing it for 20 years. This protocol was created by Dr. Hal Alan Huggins, an American alternative dentist activist against dental amalgam fillings and other unsafe dental therapies.

This protocol was created by Dr. Hal Alan Huggins, an American alternative dentist activist against dental amalgam fillings and other unsafe dental therapies.

In 1962, Huggins graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). In 1973, he began his research about the relationship between mercury toxicity and its impact on human health. Dr. Hal Huggins earned a master of science degree in 1989 from the University of Colorado where he focused on toxicology and immunology.

How was the Huggins protocol integrated into our clinic?

Dr. Hal Huggins trained our team in Colorado and also in person, at our facility. More than 20 years later we still follow his philosophy in our everyday work and continue training our staff to adhere to his philosophy.

In 1998, looking to offer the best in dental care, our CEO Alessandro Porcella built a very important alliance that defined and helped us build and integrate the Huggins Protocol in our practice. 

We built and integrated a system that incorporates multiple safety factors to enhance immune recovery, offering our clients cutting-edge regenerative medicine methodologies to ensure biosafety and therapeutic efficacy.

Huggins protocol for mercury removal

Before your consultation with us, it is recommended to take a compatibility test to identify which elements are biocompatible for your system. Once at the clinic, your dental exam will include: a dental examination and X-rays to locate and evaluate decay in the teeth and jaws, defective fillings, mercury fillings, missing teeth, cavitations, root canals, and any other issue that may be present.  

We also include the following steps to ensure your safety:

If you would like to be treated under the Huggins protocol, look no further, you have found your ideal clinic!


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